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Creative Luminary [Bundle]

This bundle of art goods is for the creative who floats between mediums. Wednesday night is life drawing, Friday morning begins with coffee and writing and Sunday afternoon the acrylic paints come out. They are full of ideas and are the embodiment of the ‘go with the flow’ kinda lifestyle.


Capture all those thoughts in the Thick Creative Diary – 160 A4 pages of Premium Envirocare 150GSM stock. Draw, paint, write, everything goes. It’s weighty, reliable and spiral-bound so you can work flat, flip the page and keep going or start afresh.


Our advice? Don’t overthink it. And our Painter Affirmation Pin is to remind you to think less, paint more. Pin it to your tote strap, beret or your painting apron. The PVC&C Tote is sturdy and worthy of carrying your Thick Creative Diary filled with your brilliant thoughts and experiments.


Included in the bundle:


Want more inspo?

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TITLE: Creative Luminary [Bundle]


SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 33 × 28 × 9 cm

PRICE: $129.00