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I’m an Artist, Baby! [Bundle]

You’re an artist, baby! And don’t we know it!


It’s time to level up your creative practice. With the added instantly cool aesthetic of the Capsule Collection 001, this bundle has all the essentials for painting at home.


Test your ideas first in the Thick Creative Diary. And when you’ve finished your session, keep your brushes fresh and protected in the PVC&C Brush Clutch.


Getting creative on the run? The tote of all totes, has you covered. Sturdy and see-through, bundle up your kit and take it with you on your next creative adventure.


What’s in the bundle:



Want more inspo?

Learn more about the creation of our Capsule Collection 001 here.



TITLE: I’m an Artist, Baby! [Bundle]


SIZE / DIMENSIONS: 33 × 28 × 9 cm

PRICE: $199.00